The Blind Spy by Alex Dryden


The Russians are looking at Ukraine with increasing menace. If they invade, the West will be rocked to the core.  On the streets of Odessa, and in Sevastopol, the country's most valuable naval base, there is more to learn than meets the eye...
Surrounded by rumour and conspiracy, two top secret agents must negotiate a knife-edge between diplomacy and intimidation if they hope to prevent bloodshed and international crisis. Anna Resnikov, ex-KGB, and American Logan Halloran, who works for Cougar, a giant American private intelligence company, are searching for information every street, cafe and back alley.  But the CIA and MI6 are at each other's throats, and who knows who is about to place a pistol at Anna or Logan's head?

One name has been offered as a key: The Blind Spy.  But who, or what, could that be? As the situation reaches boiling point and the line between ally and enemy is blurred, can Anna and Logan track down the truth before everything explodes?

Published by Ecco, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.
Published in the United Kingdom by Headline.



"Alex Dryden's Red to Black was a brilliant indictment of the West's refusal to confront Putin's Russia. His self-referential "prophet in the wilderness" theme has become the backbone of this series as ex-KGB renegade Anna and her billionaire boss defy CIA and MI6 toadies to thwart Kremlin chicanery in Ukraine. In Anna, he has created a memorable heroine: The Girl Who Kills Almost Everyone She Meets." - TELEGRAPH (London)