Moscow Sting by Alex Dryden


When a former British spy is poisoned by a Russian assassin, his ex-boss Adrian, the chief of MI6, wants vengeance.  He also wants answers - information that only Anna, his widow, knows. But Anna, a former KGB colonel who betrayed her country for love, vanished with their child shortly after her husband's death.

Adrian isn't the only one eager to find Anna. The dead British spy accessed intelligence so sensitive that the KGB killed to protect it - and now Anna is in the KGB's crosshairs, as the only person who knows the true identity of the Kremlin insider, superspy, and double agent known only as Mikhail. The CIA and Cougar, a giant American private intelligence company, are also hunting her.  With the Kremlin still in the grasp of the all-powerful Vladimir Putin, Mikhail is the West's best hope for revealing Russia's obscure intentions for its newfound oil wealth.

Anna holds the key to the secrets of her motherland, and now the former Russian agent faces her greatest test. To secure her freedom and protect her child, she must uncover the full truth before anyone else does - even as friend and foe set her in their sights.

Moving from Paris to New York, from the Kremlin to the American Southwest, Moscow Sting is an absorbing and timely tale of intrigue, betrayal, fatal lies, and complex truths, told with the authentic detail and chilling insight of an experienced insider.

Published by Ecco, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.
Published in the United Kingdom by Headline.




"Dryden worked in intelligence for many years and dramatises his concern about Moscow's expansionist ambitions with skill and conviction" - THE GUARDIAN (London)

"Moscow Sting is a gripping, action-packed insider's view of modern-day espionage, with a clever twist at the end. Ex-KGB colonel Anna Resnikov is a terrific heroine, who I hope will return with future adventures." - PHILLIP MARGOLIN, New York Times bestselling author of Supreme Justice

"This follow-up to Dryden's debut thriller, Red to Black, is a rarity: a sequel as good as its exceptional predecessor... An exceptional spy story. Boy, is this good!" - LIBRARY JOURNAL (starred review)

"Hands down, one of the most convincing spy stories you'll ever read." - LISA BLACK, author of Trail of Blood

"Though brilliant, Alex Dryden's Red to Black seemed like a bolt well-and-truly shot. Blowing 25 years of research on a first novel and then killing off your hero is hardly the most helpful preparation for a sequel. His chilling indictment of a KGB-controlled modern Russia whose evils have been hidden from us by our own appeasing politicians achieved an improbably fine balance between geopolitical sermon and seductive romantic tragedy. The sequel finds Anna, the ex-KGB lover of the murdered MI6 maverick Finn, trying to outfox an international scrum of spooks to protect Finn's secrets and their son. It is a simpler, more linear, thriller - heavier on the chases and gunplay but still distinguished by the engaging humanity of Dryden's narrative." - DAILY TELEGRAPH (London)

"Alex Dryden is a writer who can please everyone from fans of old LeCarre to students of current affairs. Moscow Sting is a thought-provoking and entertaining follow-up to the terrific Red to Black. No sophomore slump here." - JAMES GRIPPANDO, New York Times bestselling author of Money to Burn

"Pseudonymous Brit journalist Dryden is back with another fine neo-Cold War spy thriller, the sequel to Red to Black (2009)...This book stylishly carries the story forward...A twisty, persuasive, action-packed thriller." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

"Dryden follows up his superb debut...with a riveting sequel...Red to Black reinvigorated the classic Cold War espionage genre.  Moscow Sting, with its clever, devious, conflicted characters, its tension and verisimilitude, and its complex but fully realised plot, is every bit as good." - BOOKLIST (starred review)