Death in Siberia by Alex Dryden


The West is under threat. Russia has been granted sole access to the undersea Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic Ocean - home to oil reserves even greater than Saudi Arabia's. The US is determined to claim a share of the oil riches. The CIA send ex-KGB agent Anna on a mission to the brutal wilderness of Norilsk - the base of Russia's Arctic development and a new floating nuclear station. She must disrupt their plans, but Intelligence reports that a Russian group are already planning to destroy the precious power station. But why are they risking everything to sabotage their own country's resources? Is the US trying to force an outcome while keeping their hands clean? With the KGB hot on their tail, it's up to Anna and the CIA to prevent an attack that could destroy the entire Arctic region, and its oil reserves, for ever.

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"One of the more intriguing novels of the year in any genre" - DAILY TELEGRAPH (London)

"Dryden has written a superb spy novel... like the elegantly paced books of John le Carre" - RICHMOND TIME DISPATCH (US)

"Could not be better timed... Dryden is grimly authoritative on the power plays of Putin and the new Russia" - DAILY EXPRESS (US)